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Album History

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Album History
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Year Album was Made
Preordained Destiny: 2001-2003
Conquering Lion: 2004-2005
Rebel Kings: 2005
Lost Albums:
    Street Legends, Beat Jacking Vol. 1 and Vol.2: 2002-2004
Lost DVD:


Track History
Preordained Destiny:
1. Gully: Freestyle street song, inspired by struggle
2. Get It Right: Positive song inspired by the death of a close friend. Don't procrastinate.
3. Mona Lisa: Inspired by the perfect woman. "Do you really exist?"
4. Breather Man: Freestyle expression of things built up inside
5. Killer Walk: Inspired by ghetto women whose horizons haven't been broadened.
6. Step Your Game Up: Inspired by wannabe rappers.
7. Criminal: Heck's song that I was featured on. Inspired by wolves in sheepskin.
8. Think About You: Inspired by several different relationships.
9. Add A Little Sugar: Collaboration with Jerk and Relic. Jerk did the hook. I did first and third verse. Relic did second verse and beat plus production. Inspired by sourpuss dudes who need a little sugar in their game.
10. Towers Fall: Inspired by 9/11. One love for  the victims and their families. Vengence is mine said the Lord.
11. Last Days: Inspired by having no regrets.
12. My Life: Inspired by my life.
13. Gun Shots: Collaboration with Yoman and L.S. Finess da Connecticut Connect. Inspired by man on man violence.
14. Let's Get  A Grip: Inspired by taking control of your life.
15. Remember Me: Inspired by remembering me when I'm gone and my work ethic.
16. Maybe I'm Losing: Inspired by the power of seductive women.
17. Best At This: Inspired by a sincere effort to be the best at what I do for the well being of the people, not the ego.
18. Drive Me Crazy: A catchy club song inspired by erotic movement of a woman's body.
19. Brainfood: A wake up call that you must choose a side.
Conquering Lion:
1. Drama: A shout out to the world for keeping it moving.
2. If It's not Dirty: An attempt to expose how history doesn't match the timeline. If it's not dirty then it's gotta be clean means just because you can't see the dirt doesn't mean it's not there.
3. Big Dreams: Inspired by the greed and ignorance that generates from the root of all evil.
4. Immortal: Inspired by the awakening of the Conquering Lion, Knockamechee Pharoh, son of God.
5. Got God: Inspired by denouncing the evils of the world and coming into Christ like state of mind.
6. Move Your Body: Inspired by dancing which has always been a source of positive.
7. Living My Life: Inspired by try and tribulation of doing right.
8. Let It Burn: Inspired by the selfishness of mankind.
9. So Much Drama: Inspired by the wicked who oppose the righteous.
10. Mister, Mister: Inspired by bad leadership and hate.
11. Judge and Jury: A self confession to the Almighty.
12. You Know Me: Inspired by all those who said I couldn't do it.
13. Imperfections as a Man: Inspired by the imperfections as a man.
14. For The People: Inspired by Bob Marley and every other Freedom Fighter who spoke truths.
15. Detroit: GQ song featuring Be Nice. Inspired by the place we grew up.
16. War: Inspired by there being a such thing as first or second class amongst a society when we are all equal.
17. Miss You: Inspired by the love of my life. Thanks for always being the inspiration behind what I do
Rebel Kings:
1. Walk With Me: Inspired by the little man who keeps going but doesn't get recognized simply for the love of the sport.
2. Rebel Music: Inspired by those who refuse to conform.
3. Take Me Away: Inspired by the reality of being separated from my children.
4. Conquering Lion: Inspired by the quest of the Conquering Lion, Knockamechee Pharoh.
5. F.G.A.T.S.: Inspired by fake toy soldiers.
6. You Don't Know Me: Inspired by idiots who make assumptions.
7. Da Truth: Inspired by a rainy day spent with a special someone.
8. Little Mama: Inspired by Latin women all over the world.
9. Girl: Inspired by the female version of a male gangsta. Big up Bonnie.
10. Underpressure: Inspired by the pressures of breaking into mainstream.

What Inspired The Album Title
Preordained Destiny: God told me that this is my destiny.
Conquering Lion: God told me that I can do all things through Him that make me feel like the King of the Concrete Jungle, hence Conquering Lion.
Rebel Kings: A underground joint venture with the king of rebels Bob Marley and Cole. Not intended in a disrespectful manner. But to uplift and encourage unity and equality for all.
One love to Bob Marley and his family.

What I Rated the Album
This system works by stars.
One star = sucks
Two stars = needs work
Three stars = ok
Four stars = hot
Five stars = revolution
Preordained Destiny: Three and 1/2 stars
Conquering Lion: Four and 1/2 stars
Rebel Kings: Two stars

Sample of God's Promise to Man. "Rocky Road"

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